Nokian tires, installation, and tire hotel in Turku

Get all Nokian tires from us at competitive prices

Our VW, Škoda, and Seat service shop is also a tire shop in Turku! Our product range includes reliable Nokian Tires' summer and winter tires at a competitive price. We are an official representative of Nokian Tires.

Contact us, and we'll find the right tires for your car. We offer full tire shop services: tire change, balancing, and tire hotel – read more below.

You can check out the tires in advance at Welcome to shop with us!

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Included in our tire hotel service are:


  • Tire storage
  • Tire cleaning
  • Tire condition inspection
  • Tire changing

Tires stored under proper conditions remain in good shape and roadworthy for a longer period. Please inquire further if you'd like to bring your tires for seasonal storage.


  • Tire hotel €75 (incl. storage, cleaning, and mounting) / per season
  • Mounting of tires €35
  • Tire change, incl. labor and balancing €80

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