Timing Belt Service for Volkswagen Brand in Turku

We offer full and basic timing belt service packages – remember to bring your car in for service on time!

The maintenance of a timing belt-driven timing system is one of the most crucial maintenance tasks for a combustion engine. The service is vital because worn-out timing belt parts can cause such significant engine damage that repairs can cost thousands of euros. Thus, remember to bring your car to our Volkswagen-certified service in Turku for timing belt maintenance!

When should you consider timing belt replacement? Your car's manufacturer has set a mileage-based interval for timing belt service, which ranges from 90–290,000 km, depending on the model and engine. Based on country-specific recommendations, we suggest a time-based change every 6 years, as aging materials also necessitate service.

Timing Belt Replacement or Timing Belt Service?

In everyday speech, the timing belt is often referred to as a timing belt or a timing strap. During service, it's about replacing the timing belt. At LMS Service, we prefer to talk about timing belt maintenance.

This is because during service, it's a good practice to replace all the wearable parts of the timing belt, using new fastening materials, according to the manufacturer's repair instructions. We offer a 2-year parts warranty for maintenance operations in line with the manufacturer's repair guidelines.

From us, full service and basic service for Volkswagen timing belts

We have updated the pricing for timing belt services! We have compiled the necessary procedures into service packages by standardizing the content of the services. Now, we offer both an extensive Timing Belt Full Service and a basic Timing Belt Strap Replacement.

The full service includes: timing belt, tensioning and guide pulleys, the multi-rib belt that drives auxiliary devices, and the replacement of fasteners. Additionally, the full service includes the replacement of the water pump in engines where the water pump is driven by the timing belt.

The basic service includes everything as in the full service, but does not replace the multi-rib belt or the water pump. We highly recommend the Timing Belt Full Service so that all worn-out parts that increase the risk of damage are replaced cost-effectively at the same time.

You can see the price for your car's timing belt service from our Volkswagen service online booking or by calling 020 1731 661.

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