Timing Belt Service for Škoda Brand in Turku

Timely timing belt service saves both the car and money – get our convenient service packages now!

If timing belt parts wear out, an extensive engine damage is inevitable, which will cost thousands of euros to repair. For this reason, servicing a toothed belt driven timing belt is among the most crucial maintenance tasks for combustion engines, and it should not be postponed. When it's time for your Škoda's timing belt service, book an appointment at our shop in Turku!

When should the car's timing belt overhaul be done? The timing is determined by your car's manufacturer based on mileage, ranging between 90–290 tkm depending on the model and engine. However, at LMS Service, we recommend a time-based timing belt service every 6 years in line with the importer's country-specific guidance, as the aging of materials also necessitates the service.

The term 'timing belt service' best describes the maintenance procedure

Often, the timing belt toothed belt is referred to as the timing belt or timing strap. The service is typically termed as timing belt replacement.

We prefer to talk about timing belt service because during the service, it's essential to replace all wear-prone parts driven by the toothed belt and to ensure their attachment with new accessories, following the manufacturer's repair instructions. We grant a 2-year warranty on parts for maintenance procedures in accordance with the repair instructions.

Choose either a basic service or full service for your Škoda

We have revamped the pricing and contents of our timing belt services by packaging the necessary maintenance tasks into two services. We now offer an extensive Timing Belt Full Service and a Basic Service that covers the Timing Belt Toothed Belt replacement.

The full service includes: timing belt toothed belt, tensioning and guiding rollers, a multi-groove belt that drives auxiliary devices, renewal of attachment accessories, and a water pump replacement in those engines where the water pump is a part driven by the timing belt toothed belt.

The basic service includes: the same actions as in the full service, but without the multi-groove belt and water pump replacement. We strongly recommend the Timing Belt Full Service! This way, all worn-out parts that increase the risk of damage in the timing belt are replaced cost-effectively at the same time.

How much does the timing belt service cost? You can see the price for your car on our Škoda service online booking or by calling the number 020 1731 661.

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